Weston-super-Mare Bed and Breakfasts: Your Serene Seaside Haven

Looking for the perfect seaside retreat? Look no further than Weston-super-Mare’s charming bed and breakfasts. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape for two or a fun-filled family getaway, Weston-super-Mare has highly-rated B&Bs to suit your needs.

Wake up to crashing waves and a delicious homemade breakfast. With options like All Seasons Bed & Breakfast and The Park, your stay will be unforgettable. And with an average cost of £91 per night, staying in a Weston-super-Mare B&B is both affordable and luxurious.

Don’t miss out on this serene seaside haven.

Highly-rated B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare

If you’re looking for highly-rated bed and breakfasts in Weston-super-Mare, you won’t be disappointed. There are several options that have received rave reviews from guests, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

One factor to consider when choosing a B&B in Weston-super-Mare is the location. All Seasons Bed & Breakfast – Adults Only, Timbertop Suites – Adults Only, The Park, and Spreyton Guest House are all conveniently located in Weston-super-Mare, making it easy to explore the charming seaside town.

Another factor to consider is the amenities offered by the B&B. All Seasons Bed & Breakfast – Adults Only offers free WiFi and free private parking, while Timbertop Suites – Adults Only boasts a bar and shared lounge. The Park provides free bikes and free WiFi, perfect for exploring the surrounding area. Spreyton Guest House offers free WiFi and free on-site parking for added convenience.

When it comes to finding the best deals on B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare, it’s important to do your research. Look for special offers or discounts that may be available, and consider booking in advance to secure the best rates. Additionally, reading reviews from previous guests can give you valuable insights into the quality of the accommodation and the level of service provided.

Other Recommended B&Bs in Weston-Super-Mare

Continuing the discussion on highly-rated B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare, let’s explore some other recommended options for a delightful stay by the seaside.

Here are some owner-recommended bed and breakfasts that offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  • Rosita Guest House: Located in Weston-super-Mare, this B&B is perfect for families. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it provides a cozy retreat for parents and children alike.
  • The Beach Weston: Situated right by the seafront, this B&B offers stunning views and easy access to the beach. Its convenient location makes it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the seaside attractions.
  • Liberty Locking Castle: Nestled in the peaceful surroundings of Locking Castle, this B&B provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the town. Its serene atmosphere and friendly hosts ensure a relaxing stay.
  • The Sunfold: Located on the seafront, this family-run 4-star guest house offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities. Its friendly hosts and positive reviews from guests make it a popular choice.

These B&Bs aren’t only highly recommended by their owners but also offer convenient access to nearby attractions such as the beach, seafront, and Locking Castle.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly retreat or a peaceful seaside getaway, these B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare are sure to provide a memorable experience.

B&Bs in Weston-Super-Mare for Families

For families looking for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Weston-Super-Mare, there are several B&Bs that cater specifically to their needs. When it comes to child-friendly accommodations in Weston-super-Mare, Rosita Guest House, Crookes House, and Timbertop Suites – Adults Only stand out as excellent choices.

Rosita Guest House offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for families. With its spacious rooms and friendly staff, it ensures a pleasant stay for both parents and children. The B&B is conveniently located near the seafront, allowing easy access to the beach and other attractions.

Crookes House is another family-friendly option in Weston-super-Mare. With its garden and terrace, it provides a great space for kids to play and relax. The B&B also receives high praise for its attention to detail and excellent reception.

While Timbertop Suites is classified as an adults-only B&B, it offers family suites that cater specifically to families with children. These suites provide separate sleeping areas for parents and kids, ensuring everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Cost of Staying in a B&B in Weston-Super-Mare

When staying in a B&B in Weston-Super-Mare, you can expect to pay an average cost of £91 per night, based on Booking.com prices. This price may vary depending on the time of year and the specific B&B you choose. However, considering the serene seaside location and the comfortable amenities offered by these establishments, it’s a reasonable price to pay for a peaceful and relaxing stay.

  • Comparing prices of B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare: It’s always a good idea to compare prices of different B&Bs in Weston-Super-Mare to find the best deal. Some B&Bs might offer special discounts or promotions that can help you save money while still enjoying a comfortable stay.
  • Cheaper alternatives to B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare: If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives to B&Bs in Weston-Super-Mare, you may consider staying in budget hotels or guesthouses. These options can often provide comfortable accommodations at a lower cost, allowing you to save money during your trip.

Whether you choose to stay in a B&B or explore other options, Weston-Super-Mare offers a variety of accommodations to suit every budget. So, take your time, compare prices, and find the perfect place to stay for your serene seaside getaway.

Best B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare

To find the best B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare, explore the top-rated options that offer a serene seaside haven for your stay.

One of the top-rated B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare is All Seasons Bed & Breakfast – Adults Only. This highly-rated establishment offers free WiFi and free private parking. Guests have praised the excellent staff and the great breakfast options available.

Timbertop Suites – Adults Only is another highly-rated B&B in Weston-super-Mare. With lovely bright rooms that offer stunning views, this establishment also features a bar and shared lounge. The business center and daily maid service add to the convenience and comfort of your stay.

The Park is another top-rated B&B in Weston-super-Mare, offering free bikes and free WiFi. Guests have raved about the daily maid service and the non-smoking property with free private parking.

Spreyton Guest House is highly-rated for its clean and comfortable rooms, wonderful hosts, and excellent food.

These top-rated B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare provide the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and stunning views for a memorable seaside getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Popular Attractions and Activities in Weston-Super-Mare?

Some popular attractions and activities in Weston-super-Mare include:

  • Visiting the Grand Pier, where you can enjoy amusement rides and arcade games.
  • The Weston Museum, which offers a fascinating look into the town’s history.

For outdoor activities, you can:

  • Head to the beautiful Weston Woods for a scenic walk.
  • Explore the sandy beaches.

Don’t miss a visit to:

  • Uphill Beach.
  • Sand Bay, perfect for relaxing or enjoying water sports.

There are also many top-rated restaurants in the area for delicious dining options.

Are Pets Allowed at Any of the B&Bs in Weston-Super-Mare?

Yes, pets are allowed at some of the B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare. If you’re planning to bring your furry friend along, make sure to check with the specific B&Bs beforehand to confirm their pet policies.

As for the best time to visit Weston-super-Mare for a beach getaway, the summer months of June to August are ideal. You can enjoy the sandy shores and soak up the sun during this time.

How Far Are the B&Bs From the Beach in Weston-Super-Mare?

The B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare are located within walking distance of the beach, offering you easy access to the serene seaside. You’ll be able to enjoy the sound of crashing waves and the salty sea breeze right from your doorstep.

These B&Bs offer a variety of rooms to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect space to relax and unwind after a day at the beach. Whether you prefer a cozy single room or a spacious family suite, you’ll find it here.

Are There Any Restaurants or Shops Within Walking Distance of the B&Bs?

Yes, there are restaurants and shops within walking distance of the B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare.

You’ll find a variety of dining options and shopping opportunities conveniently located nearby.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe, a delicious seafood restaurant, or a charming boutique, you’ll be able to explore the local amenities on foot.

In addition to the beach accessibility and pet-friendly accommodations, the proximity to restaurants and shops adds to the convenience and enjoyment of your stay.

What Is the Cancellation Policy for the B&Bs in Weston-Super-Mare?

The cancellation policies and booking terms for the B&Bs in Weston-super-Mare vary. It’s important to check with each individual establishment for specific details.

Some B&Bs may have a flexible cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel or modify your reservation without any charges up to a certain date. Others may require a certain notice period for cancellations, and there may be fees involved.

It’s always a good idea to review the terms and conditions when making your booking to avoid any surprises.


Escape to the tranquil beauty of Weston-super-Mare with a stay at one of its delightful bed and breakfasts.

Wake up to the sound of crashing waves and indulge in a delicious homemade breakfast.

With highly-rated options like All Seasons Bed & Breakfast and The Park, your stay is sure to be unforgettable.

Families will love B&Bs like Rosita Guest House and Crookes House.

And with an average cost of £91 per night, you can enjoy an affordable and luxurious seaside retreat.

Pack your bags and experience the serene haven of Weston-super-Mare today.