Tenby’s Hidden Gems: Bed and Breakfast Getaways

Looking for a charming and cozy getaway? You’ve come to the right place!

Tenby’s hidden gems are the bed and breakfast properties that offer a unique and personalized experience for your stay.

From The Broadmead Boutique B&B to Ivy Bank Guest House, each B&B has its own special features and amenities to make your stay memorable.

With positive guest feedback and convenient locations, these B&Bs are truly the hidden gems of Tenby.

Get ready for the perfect escape!

Top-rated B&Bs in Tenby

When looking for the top-rated B&Bs in Tenby, you’ll frequently come across highly recommended options that offer exceptional service and amenities. These hidden treasures provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making them the perfect choice for your getaway in Tenby.

One must-visit attraction in Tenby is the Broadmead Boutique B&B. This charming property offers accommodation with free WiFi and an on-site bar. It’s conveniently located just 1.6 km from Tenby Castle. With a rating of 9.3 and 1,521 reviews, it’s clear that guests have had a wonderful experience at this B&B.

Another highly recommended option is Ivy Bank Guest House. Situated near North Tenby Beach and Oakwood Theme Park, this B&B offers daily maid service and free WiFi. With a rating of 9.5 and 171 reviews, guests have praised its location, cleanliness, and friendly service.

If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, Sleepy Puffin Guest House is the perfect choice. This non-smoking property offers accommodation with free WiFi and free private parking. Located 20 km from Oakwood Theme Park, it provides a tranquil setting for your stay. Rated 9.6 with 382 reviews, the fantastic breakfast and convenient parking have been highlights for guests.

The Townhouse is another top-rated B&B that deserves a mention. With its shared lounge and luggage storage space, it offers a comfortable and convenient stay. Located 2.9 km from Tenby Castle, it provides a sea view and excellent breakfast, as praised by guests who gave it a rating of 9.4 with 664 reviews.

Lastly, Gumfreston Guest House is a highly rated B&B worth considering. With complimentary WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom, it offers all the comforts you need. Located near North Tenby Beach and Oakwood Theme Park, it boasts a great location. Guests have appreciated the lovely property, perfect location, and amazing breakfast, giving it a rating of 9.5 with 424 reviews.

These top-rated B&Bs in Tenby are the perfect choice for a memorable and enjoyable stay. With their exceptional service and amenities, you can relax and indulge in the hidden treasures of this beautiful seaside town. Whether you’re exploring the historic Tenby Castle or enjoying the sandy beaches, these B&Bs will ensure your stay is comfortable and unforgettable.

Features and Amenities of Tenby B&Bs

Tenby’s top-rated B&Bs offer a wide range of features and amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. When comparing amenities in Tenby B&Bs, you’ll find that each property has its own unique offerings.

The Broadmead Boutique B&B provides free WiFi and free private parking, along with an on-site bar for your convenience.

Ivy Bank Guest House, Tenby stands out with its daily maid service, ensuring that your room is always clean and tidy.

Sleepy Puffin Guest House offers the benefit of free WiFi and free private parking, making it convenient for guests with their own vehicles.

The Townhouse boasts a shared lounge area, perfect for relaxing and socializing with other guests.

Gumfreston Guest House offers complimentary WiFi, as well as a flat-screen TV and private bathroom in each room.

Staying in a Tenby B&B has its pros and cons. On the positive side, B&Bs often provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere, allowing you to feel more at home during your stay. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with the friendly owners and fellow guests, creating a sense of community. Additionally, B&Bs typically offer personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring that your needs are met.

However, it’s important to note that B&Bs may have limited amenities compared to larger hotels. While you can expect basic comforts and necessities, such as free WiFi and private bathrooms, you may not find extensive facilities like a gym or swimming pool. Furthermore, the size of the B&B may mean that there are fewer staff members available, which could potentially affect response times for assistance.

Ultimately, the decision to stay in a Tenby B&B depends on your preferences for a more intimate and personalized experience versus the amenities offered by larger accommodations.

Guest Feedback and Highlights at Tenby B&Bs

As you browse through the guest feedback and highlights of Tenby B&Bs, you’ll discover the delightful experiences shared by visitors.

Guests at The Broadmead Boutique B&B enjoyed the outdoor seating area and bar, providing plenty of space to relax and enjoy drinks.

Ivy Bank Guest House, Tenby received positive feedback for its location, cleanliness, and friendly service. Situated just three minutes from the train station in a quiet neighborhood, it offers convenience and tranquility.

Sleepy Puffin Guest House was praised for its fantastic breakfast and convenient parking. The hosts also provided great recommendations for local attractions.

The Townhouse was commended for its sea view, excellent breakfast, and cozy rooms, making it the perfect stay.

Gumfreston Guest House received appreciation for its lovely property, perfect location, and amazing breakfast. Guests were delighted by the friendly hosts and the convenient proximity to popular attractions.

These guest recommendations highlight the exceptional qualities of Tenby B&Bs, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay for all visitors.

Other B&B Options in Tenby

If you’re looking for more bed and breakfast options in Tenby, consider these hidden gems:

  • Coach Guest House: This B&B offers a terrace, allergy-free rooms, and free WiFi. With private parking available at an extra charge, you can explore Tenby without worrying about your car. The convenient location and modern amenities make this an affordable alternative for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Glenthorne Guest House: Located close to the rail station, this B&B features free WiFi and private parking. What sets it apart is its exceptional breakfast. Start your day off right with a delicious meal before heading out to explore all that Tenby has to offer.
  • Southcliff Guest House: For a family-friendly option, Southcliff Guest House is the perfect choice. With free WiFi and just a 2-minute walk from the beach, you can enjoy a relaxing seaside getaway. The comfortable accommodations and welcoming atmosphere make it a great option for families.
  • Weybourne Guest House: Nestled in a quiet residential area, Weybourne Guest House offers a unique experience. With its original features and full English breakfast served every morning, you’ll feel right at home. The free WiFi in public areas allows you to stay connected while enjoying your peaceful surroundings.

These hidden gems in Tenby provide affordable alternatives and unique experiences for travelers seeking a bed and breakfast getaway. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for something quirky and unconventional, these B&B options are sure to make your stay in Tenby memorable.

Additional Information About Tenby B&Bs

For more information on Tenby B&Bs, explore these additional details.

When it comes to the cost of staying in Tenby B&Bs, the average price per night is around £121, based on Booking.com prices. However, if you’re looking to stay tonight, you can find B&Bs for as low as £114. So, whether you’re planning ahead or need a last-minute getaway, Tenby has options to suit your budget.

If you’re looking for B&Bs near Tenby town centre, Taormina Guest House is a great choice. Located near South Beach and the town centre, it offers nicely decorated bedrooms with free toiletries and free WiFi. Prices start from £95 per night, making it both convenient and affordable.

While there are plenty of popular B&Bs in Tenby, a few stand out among guests. Sleepy Puffin Guest House, Beachcomber B&B, YHA Manorbier, Apple Tree Hut, and Beachcomber B&B are all highly recommended by visitors. Each offers unique features and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Cost of Staying in a Bed and Breakfast in Tenby?

The average cost of staying in a bed and breakfast in Tenby is £121 per night, based on Booking.com prices.

If you’re looking for beachfront accommodations, Tenby has some hidden gems for you. From cozy rooms with sea views to properties with outdoor seating areas and bars, you’ll find a range of options to suit your preferences.

Enjoy the convenience of daily maid service, free WiFi, and complimentary breakfasts at these charming B&B getaways.

Which Bed and Breakfast in Tenby Offers a Terrace and Allergy-Free Rooms?

If you’re looking for a bed and breakfast in Tenby with a terrace and allergy-free rooms, the Coach Guest House is a great choice.

They offer a lovely terrace where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Plus, their rooms are allergy-free, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.

And if you’re traveling with your furry friend, they also offer pet-friendly accommodations.

Are There Any Bed and Breakfast Options in Tenby That Are Located Near the Beach?

Yes, there are bed and breakfast options in Tenby that are located near the beach.

You’ll love the beachfront bed and breakfast options available in Tenby. With stunning sea views and easy access to the sandy shores, these B&Bs offer the perfect coastal getaway.

Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves and enjoying a leisurely stroll along the beach. It’s the ultimate seaside retreat.

Does Any Bed and Breakfast in Tenby Offer Free Toiletries and Free Wifi?

When looking for a bed and breakfast in Tenby, you’ll be pleased to know that there are options that offer free toiletries and free WiFi. This means you can stay connected and have all the essentials provided for you.

However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of staying in a bed and breakfast in Tenby. While they offer a cozy and personalized experience, you may have to share common spaces and breakfast is usually included in the price.

Can You Recommend a Budget-Friendly Bed and Breakfast Option in Tenby?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bed and breakfast option in Tenby, I recommend checking out Southcliff Guest House. It offers family-friendly accommodation with free WiFi and is just a 2-minute walk from the beach.

With its convenient location and comfortable rooms, it’s a great choice for families. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to enjoy the beautiful beach just steps away.


In conclusion, Tenby’s hidden gem bed and breakfasts offer a charming and cozy getaway experience. With unique features and amenities such as on-site bars, free WiFi, and stunning sea views, these B&Bs provide a personalized and memorable stay.

Guests have praised the fantastic breakfast options, convenient locations, and outdoor seating areas.

Whether you’re planning a romantic escape or a family vacation, Tenby’s B&Bs are the perfect choice for your next getaway.